Fresh carcasses wanted. The party has started!

Welcome to Roadkill Pancake, where crossing the line and getting pulped is the whole idea. Every week, we’ll be adding to the insanity of this already mad world.

To become official Roadkill, all you have to do is buy one of our delectable NFTs.

🥞 NFTs?

☛ Yes, our highly coveted NFTs can be yours for a price. But don’t be deceived. You aren’t actually buying anything. You won’t own the copyrights, anyone can right-click to download them, the actual art won’t even be on the blockchain, only pointers to the files, and only a greater fool than yourself will buy them. All you get is bragging rights and, perhaps, a silly verified profile pic.

☛ Is this an investment you want to make? If so, Roadkill Pancake has an unlimited number of worthless NFTs to sell you! And yes, buying them is your chance to get as rich as sin–just like all those other undeserving crypto-geek scammers who cashed in early and made off with millions. Why not you too?

DISCLIAMER: We admit, that these NFTs could actually be worth millions someday despite our counter claims and protestations. So, if you make a fortune on them, don’t blame us. And no, you cannot return them. We don’t want them back!

🥞 Who Are We?

☛ We keep asking ourselves the same question.

☛ Seriously, we’re a collaboration of the creative brains behind LavaMind and All Bad Cards.

🥞 Rewards?

☛ Your laughter is our reward.

☛ Your reward is us laughing back at you.

🥞 Join Us!