Get the NFT!

China just renamed and rebranded the blockchain.

The Chinese Communist Party’s version of the blockchain is now called the MaoChain, in honor of Chairman Mao.

“This is the first fully centralized decentralized blockchain in the world,” said an unnamed Chinese official. “Everyone has access to a private wallet owned by us. It’s the blockchain with Chinese characteristics.”

Other countries were quick to follow, with the launches of VladChain, KimChain, and TeodoroObiangNguemaMbasogoChain.

China also plans to ICO their own crypto currency, which they are calling Ping Coins, after you guessed who.

“This will be very stable. Much more stable than Bitcoin or any of the imperialist stable coins. I promise you, it will never fluctuate. Never!” said the same unnamed Chinese official. “After all, it’s crypto with Chinese characteristics.”