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Archaeologists have identified the oldest recorded blockchain in human history (or prehistory).

A team at Oxford University has concluded that this particular prehistoric rock formation perfectly mimics the core elements of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original source code. In each rock are etched almost unnoticeable patterns that correlate perfectly to patterns visible in the blockchain’s source code.

“This changes everything. It’s a monumental find that fundamentally changes our understanding of the blockchain,” said Dr. Hilary Holgarten, Director of Archaeology at Oxford University. “Crypto has been around a lot longer than we ever supposed. It dates all the way back to Stonehenge, possibly further.”

We are releasing this exclusive, one-of-a-kind Roadkill Pancake NFT to commemorate this historic discovery.

“It’s almost as if Satoshi copied this,” added Holgarten. “I know this for a fact because I ran it past my son, who has made a killing on Alt Coins.”