Below is our meticulously thought-out roadmap and vision.

🥞 Launch Plan

☛ What launch plan?

🥞 Roadmap

☛ Sorry, this is NOT your chance to get rich by getting in early.

☛ We have NO plans or resources to build the next killer game or virtual world that will make your worthless NFTs and little less worthless.

☛ We are NOT creating an exclusive DAO for you to join, where you can hobnob with celebs and crypto royalty, while pooling your cash and investing in the Constitution, a copy of Dune, and other ridiculous assets.

☛ And NO, we will not be launching our own token, giving away coins, and promising everyone that if they hold long enough, they can buy a superyacht and sail off to some tropical island and count coconuts.

☛ But we do have a WHITE PAPER we can sell you as an NFT. Want to buy it?

🥞 Vision

☛ Honestly, if we had a grand vision, we’d be raising millions in venture capital, like the smart kids.

☛ If we can make you laugh and make a killing, that’s enough for us.

☛ Lastly, we must know what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?