Get the NFT!

Does this sound familiar?

You are out on the town and hoping to stop in the local watering hole. Then you hear a little scream and realize your infant is in the back seat.

Sure, you could leave them in the car for a few hours like you usually do, but wouldn’t it be better if they could take part in the fun. Heck, they fart and burp a lot. Perfect!

Well now your “mini me” can join the party with Tagalong Toddler ID! With a wave of your wand, your little one is now 21 years old. Just take the NFT, make a few changes, and voila – instant happiness.

The ID matches the design of the official Hawaii drivers license and is guaranteed to fool even the most diligent of bouncers. Toss your worries away, and give the gift of fun to your wee one.

While supplies last!