Get the NFT!

This physical representation is the only image in existence of the actual Face of God. It was given to Roadkill Pancake through a cosmic intervention, and the representation has several mind-bending features:

  • The image captures all of the infinite knowledge, wisdom, and energy of God.
  • You can continually zoom in at any magnification. However, no matter how far you zoom in, you will never see the details because, well, God is infinite.
  • You can stretch this image to any resolution, and its quality will never degrade. The Face of God is just that amazing.
  • If you stare at the Face of God for too long, you will go insane because of its inconceivable complexity. Lurch looked at it for a week, and look how he turned out.
  • We have marked this offering as “Explicit and Sensitive Content” because we worry that a child’s head might literally explode while looking at the Face of God.