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Since President Biden seems to be letting Trump’s only legacy fall into disrepair, China has stepped in and offered to pay for Trump’s Wall. Not only that, but the Chinese Communist Party is willing to foot the bill for extending the wall, not only all the way across our southern border, but also our northern one.

“This isn’t to keep Mexicans and Canadians out of America,” said an unnamed Chinese official. “It’s to keep Americans in!”

That’s right, China wants to build a wall around our entire country.

“The American imperialists must be contained,” continued the official. “And we are prepared to fund it. We will call it The Great Wall of America.”

Trump reacted to this news by nearly choking on his McDonald’s Big Mac. “This is all because Biden, our illegitimate President, isn’t doing his job! He should be funding my wall. We shouldn’t have to turn to the Chinese for handouts,” ranted Trump in a two-hour diatribe about how the election was stolen.

“I prefer to watch it crumble,” responded President Biden. “It wasn’t doing a damn thing anyhow.”